Rail Wheels Assembly Automation

  • Project Description

    Indeutsch systems had given solution for Manufacturing and Assembly of wheels and Axels in Rails industry in India with future total dimension of 50 M in width and 40 m in Length Pre commissioning of Gantry is done with specific Models Only, Processing Machine and Presses are used in Indian Railway Industry for Frist Time with total automatic Stations like marking and Pressing Operation for Axels and Wheels, here all the safety related Precautions are taken like Providing Light curtness and railings , Frist station is Chain Conveyor for Loading the axel upto 10 Parts are placed on conveyor with help of loading crane these are clean and Sharp edges are removed being delivered to system. Between Operation 10 and Operation 70 there is Linear Gantry System for transfer of Wheel with Two number of Loaders additional axis which will Rotted the Parts about Pivot Axis before Loading to wheels to Press Machine.