we offer

Gantry Systems

Customised solutions for handling and automation.

Customized solutions for handling and automation:
  1. • Available in six different sizes
  2. • Heavy duty, durable construction
  3. • Easy to install and maintain
  4. • Ideal for difficult tasks in machining parts manufacturing
  5. • Cost reduction through durable, virtually maintenance free-modules
  6. • Individual solutions with line and area gantries for all sectors
  7. • System supplements and possible options
Individual solution with line and area gantries for all sectors:

Cost reduction using almost maintenance-free modules with long life features
BLEICHERT gantrys systems are known for a highest material quality. The design of all components is for long-term use. Our gantries are equipped with modern control concepts. Systems with dimensions between axes of over 70.000 mm, partially in three shift operation, are already in operation, many of them at internationally operating companies.

Other key features include:
• All driving axles in robust steel construction
• Hardened and ground rails
• Straight or Helical hardened racks
• Maintenance-free guide with single rollers and flat bars
• Noise emission max. 75 dB (A)
• Energy saving functions
• Safety Technology of axes up to category 4
Customized solutions for handling and automation:
• Cameras for detecting the position of the workpieces
• Data matrix read/write systems
• Workpiece blowing-off units, deburring units, test drawers
• Workoiece storage, with and without pallets
• Oil drip pans with flushing
• Adaptation of machine tools for automatic load/unloading
• Warehouse management and process control systems, BDE terminals
• CE labelling procedure for the entire facility (incl. processing machines
• Parts tracking, condition monitoring
• Own gripper construction design for payloads above 500 lb
• Telescoping z-axes, mainenance protection for z-axes
• Temperature compensation
• Safty encoders on all axes for seperation of human/machine areas
Customized solutions for handling and automation:

• PR 10 small parts like conrods, pistons
• PR 20 vehicle crankshaft and camshaft, brake disks, cylinder heads
• PR40 truck camshafts and crankshafts,vehicle cylinder haeads
• PR60 truck cylinder heads, bearing for railway axles
• PR80 truck crankcases,wheel hubs for constuction machinery
• PR100 railway wheels and axles,truck crankcases
• PR500 construction equipped