Automated Guided Vehicles

Highly flexible vehicle systems composed of modular components.

•Automated transport regardless of load size
•For all industries and goods
•High availability with maximum reliability
•Vehicle pool can be extended anytime
•Stable construction ensures long product life
•Unrivalled cost-benefit ratio

The modular main components of the driverless transport system:

• Vehicle chassis with drive unit, running and castors - built according to need units for other movements (e.g. lifting, twisting, handling, loading and unloading, etc.)
• Power supply - depending on the application, eg inductive (contactless energy transfer), per battery, and a combination of these two types of care (hybrid technology)
• Safety Technology - Examples: switching door, safety bar, Bumper, laser scanners
• Navigation - Examples: optical, inductive, magnetic points, Laser
• Vehicle control - with or without communication
• Central control system - (for complex systems) for management and coordination, logistics, peripherals

montarail® inductive – flow of material „to go like clockwork“

The automated guided conveyor system „montarail® inductive“ is a revolution in part transport. montarail® inductive is guided and powered by embedded floor cables: The transfer route, the stop positions and buffer zones are programmed in the carrier software and main controls. Programming is very accurate and, of course, modified for your needs.

montarail® inductive – the AGV without batteries
The inductive power transfer is done by power pick-ups up to 1.5 kW and contactless. Higher power requirements are handled by several or larger capacity pick-ups. This technique is much more ef?cient than systems using batteries:
•lower investment
•no battery costs
•no charging stations and very often less AGVs are required
•3-shift production is now possible
•more available space on the AGV
•simpli?ed vehicle and main controls
•more ef?cient communication between the main control and the AGV
•higher layout ?exibility

Maximum weight – ergonomically adjustable
Parts can automatically be positioned at an ergonomic height. The AGV can be designed for part weights up to 10 tons. Higher weights are possible with special designs.

BLEICHERT AGV’s provide material flows like clockwork

BLEICHERT’s ECO AGV is a less expensive alternative to the already established BLEICHERT AGV technology. Bleichert Automation has acquired and improved the AGV technology during the past 30 years through continuous research and development.